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Emotional Empowerment
Emotional Empowerment

MENTORS management practice of sharing  information, rewards, and power with employees. This puts them at the heart of the organization by  giving them emotional power to understand what  business needs. By doing so, we increase their job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

  • Counselling for Emotional Agility
  • Team Building
  • Building Confidence
  • Mobbing
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Your Vision is Our Destination

Counselling for Emotional Agility: We assist people in learning how to carefully evaluate situations and interactions based on their feelings, and use this knowledge to adapt in each situation, align their beliefs with their behaviour and make adjustments to achieve maximized performance and efficiency.

Team Building: We assist you to develop meaningful connections and strengthen shared team identity in a creative fun way. Team building is amongst the most commonly used group-development activities in organizations and has the strongest effect (in comparison to financial measures) for enhancing organizational performance. 

Building Confidence: Strong self-confidence and deeper self-awareness are fundamental in developing a leading organization and more effective teams. Whether you’re looking to develop high potential talent, shift leaders into new positions, manage changes, enhance team effectiveness or overall wellbeing, confidence building program can act as a powerful incentive to drive business performance. Our flexible and scientifically based approach to confidence building, delivered by our experienced psychologists, generates measurable and sustainable results that give you a competitive edge.

Mobbing: MENTORS believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work. Mobbing can lead to ill-health and work-related stress; it affects morale and is the cause of untold misery. Take the first step towards and create a happy environment for you and your business, while participating in tackling  the escalating development of this phenomenon. By doing so, you are setting an example for the rest of the business community.

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