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Marketing & Communication
Marketing & Communication

MENTORS support companies  to turn their vision into reality. We assist existing businesses to expand and create a unique name and image in the minds of consumers. Furthermore, we measure crucial aspects of the hospitality that affect guest experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Concept Creation 
  • Brand Development 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Satisfaction
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Your Vision is Our Destination

Concept Creation: We create experiences with passion, spontaneity, that lead to a great story, we analyze the market and competitive landscape while understanding the target audience’s consumption patterns. We create a concept suitable for the specific segment, launch it onto the market.

Brand Development: Brand development is a strategic process of creating and distinguishing the image, products and services of the company from its competitors. Development involves aligning the brand with business objectives, communicating the brand to your target market, and updating or enhancing the brand as  needed. MENTORS uses its creative experience to design new logos or variants of existing, printed and digital material that belongs to your business, in order to improve the customer experience and imprint  its permanent mark.

Digital Marketing: We enable all available online multimedia channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile applications so that companies can communicate well with goods, services and brands.

Mystery Shopping: Important tool for companies wishing to measure the quality of sales and services,  performance of work and  compliance with regulations. With this research technique and by using superior  technologies, specially trained buyers participate and report very carefully their findings, after having evaluated key functions of  your business. 

Customer Satisfaction: We carry out and analyze customer satisfaction surveys, providing you with information necessary to make better and more efficient decisions. Companies that have data, have the ability to take action.

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