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Psychometric Assessment
Psychometric Assessment

MENTORS offer a range of psychometric assessments that are ideal for organizations as well as individuals who seek personal development or who might be on the brink of a substantial career decision – from the school-leaver to the mid-career professional who's always thought he or she might have been better at something else.

At the organizational level, we assist organizations to hire more confidently and accurately. by providing them with insightful sources of data that traditional interview methods can’t provide on their own. 

At the individual level, we can identify interests, behaviors, values, personality profiles and aptitude levels, which are crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your abilities. 

In addition, these assessments can lead to unexpected findings that will open new career possibilities, in combination with which, we can provide comprehensive careers guidance as well as bring you into contact with the job market.

  • Psychometric aptitude assessment
  • Behaviour assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Emotional intelligence assessment
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Psychometric aptitude assessment: We use psychometric aptitude assessments to assess an individual’s cognitive abilities. These assessments will help to determine how well an individual will integrate within a team or position in your organization. 

Behaviour assessment: By assessing and understanding an individual’s behavioural style, we can explore various aspects of candidates’ behaviour. This kind of insight is fundamental in identifying development areas, maximizing engagement and establishing whether a person would be a good cultural fit for a team or organization.

Personality assessment: Personality assessment evaluates a candidate’s suitability for a role by assessing interests, values and behaviours. Personality assessment will help to determine how well an individual will integrate within a team or organization.   

Emotional intelligence assessment: Highly emotionally Intelligent individuals are better equipped to identify their emotions and those of their colleagues and use this information to inform thinking and behaviours. By assessing emotional intelligence, we can identify the extent to which a candidate can effectively communicate with others within the organization. The findings can also indicate whether a particular individual exhibits the potential to lead, as emotional intelligence is crucial in effective management and leadership.

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