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MENTORS “Training with Passion” method consists of three levels of training

Food & Beverages Coaching to All (Level One)

Mentors Food & Beverages Training is focused on creating a sustainable culture where service becomes second-nature and is not a daily struggle. We begin all of our coaching classes with an extensive session on creating that culture, discussing why working in your organization matters, how do they see their role, how it impacts the organization, and how to be culture-builders, also Culture Coaching, Service Basics, Etiquette.

Food & Beverages Service Staff (Level Two)

Service coaching topics:
Service Basics | Advanced Dinner Service | Steps of Service | Craft Cocktail Culture | Customer Service [Part I, II, or Advanced] | Bar Service Culinary Skills [several levels] | Wine Skills

Food & Beverages Leadership Coach (Level Three)

Any coaching sessions are incomplete without a plan to ensure proper follow-up and are actually carried out. Our leadership training focuses on this. How do we engage teams and create the culture of quality and service-centered hospitality? We will teach your managers and supervisors what to look for and how to approach their day, so that they have time to bypass the “daily whirlwind” that can be hospitality business. This allows for quality time focusing on observing and coaching the team. We want to get to the point where they will “get it”, just do it, and be proud of the culture and the establishment in which they work.

We understand it may be difficult to get the teams together, these are conducted for AM and PM shifts, to ensure different staffing groups and schedules get proper training while operations continue.

We end each session with MENTORS Leadership Coaching designed to guarantee long-term results and is customized for your needs only!!!
Training taking place to your facility’s, other ways to our professional classes in Athens.

MENTORS trainings are hosted at Etoile by Le Chefs facilities.